The beginning…

Living in Sagres, Algarve, Nuno Amado draws on his knowledge in sales, acquired by his experience as a salesman for Eastpak, O'Neill and The North Face, to take a new step.

During that year he founded the company Indo Dreams, with a friend and started distributing Pride Bodyboards in Portugal.


The first big international brand

Pride was at the time the number 1 brand in the bodyboard market in Portugal.

Simultaneously, Indo Dreams started selling one of the most iconic surf hardware brands in the world, Ocean & Earth.

Ocean & Earth and Storm Rider Guides become part of the company's portfolio.


Another iconic brand in the company

Indodreams starts the distribution of BIC Surfboards and Kayaks.

BIC boards were considered to be amongst the best in the world, at a time when surf schools were beginning to appear and gain traction.


We were Firewire's first European distributor

Few people knew about Firewire and its revolutionary technology, but we believed in the brand and made a strong bet.

Today, we can say that it was an excellent decision.


The Oakley Distribution is ours!!!

After 10 years of hard work, we managed to add to our portfolio, one of the largest sports brands in the world.

Oakley was looking for a new distributor in the sports channel and we were assigned with that task, in a partnership that lasts until today.

At the same time, Ocean & Earth reaches the top in Portugal, establishing itself as one of the most important surf hardware brands in Portugal.

At this point, the company stops distributing BIC Surfboards and Kayaks.


The new company, Surfcloud

Surfcloud comes about as the result of the merger between Indodreams and Whitewater Distribution, consolidating 16 years of experience of its founding partners, in the surf market.

Surfcloud operates in the surf and bodyboard markets through two complementary channels: wholesale and retail, with the opening of its first Surfers Lab store, in Sagres.

The wax brand Sticky Bumps joins Surfcloud's portfolio.


A new strategy for Surfcloud

Surfcloud embarks on a new strategy investing in the European distribution of the brands it already represents in Portugal.

Ocean & Earth and Sticky Bumps are the first brands to join the new strategy and open the door to other European markets. The first country to where Surfcloud expanded its business was Italy.


In 2015, Surfcloud moves its operations from Sagres to Lisbon

Continuing its journey within the distribution of sporting goods in the Surf area, the company decides to move its operations to Lisbon, this decision contributed to the consolidation of its presence in the market.


Another iconic global brand in the company

After a few years in the shade, NSP was looking for a new distributor in Spain and Surfcloud secured the distribution for 3 years.

At the same time EQ sunscreen and Shapers Australia become part of the brands Surfcloud distributes for some countries in Europe.


2018 was a year of extreme relevance for Surfcloud!

Distribution to the European market is gaining traction.
The team is growing and thanks to everyone's work the company's presence is gaining notoriety and respect in the world of surfing.