Certified organic cosmetics & wellness products. Inspired by Surf

Founded by an avid world-traveler and life-long surfer, EQ offers certified organic cosmetics and eco-friendly accessories which work in balance with the environment and your lifestyle.

The first ever sunscreen to be validated non eco-toxic to marine life, EQ contains no chemical filters to seep into the ocean – or into your skin. EQ only uses natural mineral pigments to block the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, Absolutely no parabens, petroleum, pesticides or synthetic fragrances. Only pure, powerful, eco-friendly ingredients.

While EQ is inspired by surfing, its products follow you beyond the waves. EQ goes with you anywhere – helping you create your balance, anytime and anyplace.
That’s why the organic sports care, hair care, eco-designed sport accessories and natural products for the home were born, because adventure is a lifestyle, not just a vacation.

Surfcloud distributes EQ EVOA for Portugal, Spain, Itáliy, Germany and Austria.
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